$100 Million in New U.S. Civilian Security Assistance for Ukraine

MARCH 26, 2022

The United States intends to provide an additional $100 million in civilian security assistance to enhance the capacity of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide essential border security, sustain civil law enforcement functions, and safeguard critical governmental infrastructure in the face of President Putin’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack.

The increased funding will continue a steady flow of personal protection equipment, field gear, tactical equipment, medical supplies, armored vehicles, and communication equipment for the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service and the National Police of Ukraine. With the U.S. government’s vital assistance, Ukrainian law enforcement officers are playing a key role in rescuing victims of the Russian government’s brutal assault, leading and protecting convoys of those displaced by attacks, and providing security to civilian areas torn apart by ruthless and devastating bombing.

The United States continues to stand with the community of nations backing the people and government of Ukraine as they defend their democracy and country. We continue to urge Putin to end the violence, rein in his forces, including those who have committed war crimes, and choose the path of peace and diplomacy. We are committed to pursuing accountability for war crimes and other atrocities using every tool available, including criminal prosecutions.