The United States recognizes Egypt eight advanced aircraft F-16

Cairo – would hand over the United States eight aircraft F-16 Block 52 to the air base west of Cairo on 30 and July 31, as part of continued US support for Egypt and for the region as a whole. And it will be launched fighter aircraft directly from Fort Rt- Texas base in the United States – to join the F-16 fleet of US-made planes in the Egyptian Air Force.

Senior military diplomat at the US embassy in Cairo, Major General Charles Hooper pointed out that “the aircraft F-16 provides a valuable and much needed capability in these times of instability in the region. The show America’s commitment to strong relations with Egypt, through constant cooperation and exchange capacity between the two countries. Extremists threaten regional security and progress of these weapons a new tool to help Egypt in its war on terrorism. ”

The United States’ commitment to $ 1.3 billion this year to upgrade the efficiency of Egypt’s security and military strength it is critical, especially in light of the Egyptian Almkthagh to counter-terrorism efforts. The delivery of aircraft F-16 Block 52 one of the most important recent steps taken by the US government to support the friendship and strategic partnership with Egypt and continuing for more than 30 years that.

The United States will deliver four F-16 jets to Egypt again this fall. In addition, the United States will continue to support the follow-up, maintenance and training of the pilots of the Egyptian air and ground crews weapon.