Access English Scholarships Awarded to 640 Egyptian Students

March 16, 2017

ASWAN – On Thursday, March 16, Adnan Siddiqi, the Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs, visited Aswan to welcome many of the 640 public high school students who are joining the Access Program, the Embassy’s flagship English-language teaching program for young Egyptians.  Through the program, students from Upper Egypt will have the opportunity to learn English, while also building up their communication, leadership, and job skills.

“Former Access participants throughout Egypt tell us repeatedly that their experience was a life-changing opportunity,” Mr. Siddiqi said in addressing the students. “I congratulate you on being accepted to the program, and I encourage you to take full advantage of the training and opportunities it offers.”  Each new student received an Access Scholarship award certificate signed by U.S. Ambassador Stephen Beecroft.

Offered yearly through the Embassy’s Regional English Language Office (RELO), Access scholarships provide two years of high-quality, in-country English classes to deserving and talented Egyptian high school students who normally would not have that opportunity.  One former Access student said, “The experience and English fluency I gained through the program helped me participate in student exchange programs and successfully apply to medical school.  Access is great!”

Since 2006, over 3700 Egyptians have benefited from the Access Program.