Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Cairo (April 3, 2020)

Location: Egypt


The U.S. Embassy in Cairo has coordinated with the Egyptian Government to arrange for repatriation flights from Egypt to the United States via EgyptAir, departing Cairo and flying directly to Washington, D.C. (Dulles) using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  A flight is scheduled to depart on Sunday, April 5, with an estimated ticket price of US$1160.00 per passenger.  There are no flights planned after April 5.

If U.S. citizens wish to depart Egypt they should strongly consider purchasing a ticket for the April 5 flight immediately.  You can purchase tickets directly by calling the EgyptAir call centers 24 hours a day:

  • Landline: 0900 70000
  • Mobile: 1717
  • From outside of Egypt: Call the EgyptAir international call center +971 443 58 444

Tickets can also be purchased through the EgyptAir ticketing office in Terminal 3 of the Cairo Airport.  No online booking is allowed for these flights

There are seats still available on the April 5 flight.  Both the April 1 and April 3 flights departed at nearly full capacity, yet people were still able to purchase tickets nearly until to the moment of departure.  If you have been unable to purchase a ticket yet, please keep trying. 

Please understand that the Embassy cannot assist you with calling EgyptAir, arranging onward travel, or negotiating the use of funds from any pre-existing itineraries.  While the U.S. Embassy continues to work with EgyptAir closely on direct flights to the U.S., the decision on flights is ultimately up to EgyptAir and the Embassy cannot guarantee the availability of future flights.  U.S. citizens wishing to depart Egypt should book seats immediately.

Please note:

  • Priority seating will be given to U.S. citizens, with some allowances for Legal Permanent Residents and visa holders accompanying them. If you do not currently have a valid visa, the Embassy will not be able to issue one in advance of the flight.
  • These are private, commercial flights operated by EgyptAir and subject to EgyptAir policies regarding fares, baggage, etc.  Any travel beyond Washington D.C. (Dulles) will be your responsibility to arrange. The fare for these tickets has been set by EgyptAir.
  • All U.S. citizens departing Egypt remain subject to Egyptian immigration laws.  If you have overstayed your visa or are otherwise out of compliance with Egyptian immigration laws, you may be required to pay a fine before departing or be denied boarding.  Consult Egyptian immigration authorities now if you have any questions about your status.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo has collected information from U.S. citizens in order to estimate the demand for flights departing Egypt. If you have already sent us your information please do not do so again.  If you have been able to successfully book a flight departing Egypt, or if you no longer wish to depart Egypt at this time, please notify us by emailing  Please include your name and date of birth in the subject line of the email.

If you have not done so already, you can still enter your information via this online form(  We will not share your information with any third party without your consent, and encourage you to contact EgyptAir directly now if you wish to purchase a ticket.

If you have additional questions about assistance with returning to the U.S., please send an email to

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo reminds U.S. citizens in Egypt to adhere to local quarantine and curfew measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to continue to check with other commercial airlines for upcoming flights that might be departing the country.  The Embassy will continue to work with the Egyptian government to identify or arrange options for U.S. citizens who wish to depart Egypt.

Actions to Take: