American Music Abroad concert – February 28 in Cairo – March 3 in Alexandria

On February 28 in Cairo and March 3 in Alexandria, the Cultural Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Egypt celebrated American and Egyptian musical heritage.

This year’s American Music Abroad concert, “Al Hakawatya”, brings to Egypt for the first time the American Jazz musician Chelsey Green and her band the Green Project. Chelsey and the band are Jazz artists with a unique and contemporary approach to this heritage form of American music. They change conceptions of violin and viola by fusing traditional and classical technique with various genres, including R&B, Pop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Alternative, and Hip Hop.

The Green Project uniquely arranges popular songs and presents enticing original pieces in the spirit of Jazz music’s greatest innovators. Playing with Chelsey from Egypt is Dina El Wedidi, the well-known indie/folk Egyptian singer, who has a similar approach to reinventing Egyptian traditional music. Chelsey and Dina presented their original work, as well as a collaborative fusion, produced by Grammy-winner Fathy Salama. It was a unique representation of two musicians who both bend roots music into contemporary forms.

Tickets are available for EGP 70 here: