An American Education: A Competitive Advantage

An American Education: A Competitive Advantage

For many students and their families, choosing a university or graduate school is a major decision that is only made after much deliberation. It’s a choice that can change your life and directly impact your ease to navigate the professional world for years to come. It is the biggest investment into one’s self. But how do you decide?

More than a million international students from around the world choose the United States as the prime location to further their education. Far more international students study in the United States than in any other country.  Many are attracted by the world-class academic institutions with their superior faculty, labs, libraries and facilities.

Others focus on the ability to work alongside research professors and join active alumni networks for mentorship, internships, and promising employment opportunities. They are right. Many of the world’s leaders and innovators are graduates of U.S. universities. They are working to solve some of our toughest global challenges. They are creative entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, public servants and educators who are improving our world.

Choosing America also means you have a better chance of finding an academic institution that matches your specific needs. With over 4,500 accredited institutions of higher education in all 50 U.S. states, there’s an American college or university that’s right for everyone. The United States offers a wide array of quality educational institutions, from large public and research universities to liberal arts colleges and community colleges, situated in diverse geographic regions across the country; thus, enabling students to experience life in a dynamic American city or a unique “college town.”

American colleges and universities pride themselves on their ability to provide a diverse, inclusive community. They value international students for the unique perspectives they provide both inside and outside the classroom. As a student, you’ll have the chance to share your ideas and your culture with world-class professors who respect your views, encourage your questions, and engage you in thought provoking multicultural dialogue as a way to prepare you for a shared, successful future in an interconnected world. Through social, cultural, and volunteer activities, you’ll develop the social skills needed in a competitive workforce.

The presence of international students on American campuses is so critical that several universities have come together to send a specific and direct message to students around the world through the #YouAreWelcomeHere social media campaign. They have developed videos to show that their communities are welcoming and safe for all students, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is dedicated to helping Egyptian students choose America. EducationUSA advisers at AmidEast connect interested Egyptian students with a wealth of information about U.S. colleges and universities. The advisers can assist with any educational questions about studying in the United States – from helping you find the right institution to explaining Optional Practical Training (OPT: a program which allows students to gain work experience in their field upon graduation). You can find an adviser at

Our consular officials also work diligently to process student visa requests in a timely manner. Moreover, most students who apply receive visas. Each year, the embassy dedicates a special visa day to Egyptian students who have decided to study in the US.

We encourage you to consider studying in the United States.  Reach out to our EducationUSA advisers, to alumni, and to American universities directly to better understand the benefits of your investment. We are confident that studying in the United States will expand your world and open the door to a bright future. For more information, please visit