CENTCOM Commander Visit Promotes Regional Security, Stability

February 26, 2017

CAIRO – General Joseph L. Votel, Commander, United States Central Command (CENTCOM), arrived in Cairo for meetings with Egyptian senior leaders to discuss shared interests in regional security.  General Votel plans to meet with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, Minister of Defense Sedky Sobhy, and other senior officials to explore ways to strengthen the U.S.-Egypt partnership in the fight against terrorism and in promoting stability throughout the Middle East region.  General Votel last visited Egypt in August, 2016.

“Egypt is one of our most important partners in the region,” General Votel said.  “At CENTCOM our vision is to help promote a more stable and prosperous region with increasingly effective governance, improved security, and trans-regional cooperation.  Our mission is to direct and enable military engagement with allies and partners to increase regional security and stability.”

The CENTCOM area of responsibility covers 20 nations at the intersection of three continents and globally vital commercial sea lanes, flight corridors, pipelines, and overland routes.