Education & Culture

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  • The United States is the top destination for millions of young people from around the world who want a quality education.EducationUSA advisers are available to advise anyone considering an American education. An appropriate educational option can be tailored to the academic and financial needs of any qualified student.
  • The Embassy offers numerous opportunities for Egyptians to participate in short-term academic and professional programs in the United States. You can learn more about these exchange programs by clicking here.
  • We also encourage you to take advantage of the cultural programming offered at the American Center in Cairo and the American Corner at the Maadi Public Library. We sponsor speakers, artists, musicians, and scientists who come to Egypt to share their knowledge and experiences. Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements.
  • The Embassy supports English language learning in Egypt through a variety of programs that offer professional development, opportunities for educational exchanges, and materials for English teachers and students. Find out more from our Regional English Language Office.

The ties of friendship between Egyptians and Americans are growing stronger every day. The Embassy is proud to support and deepen these relationships and looks forward to hearing from you.·