Public Diplomacy Grant Programs

  • The U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section is delighted to make available to you this Notice of Funding Opportunity entitled “Egyptian Film Festivals Educational and Collaborative Training” (EFFECT 2023) Proposals are due by August 14, 2023 to the following email address:
  • The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is proud to partner with American Film Showcase (AFS) to sponsor a five-day workshop on comedy writing for senior Egyptian scriptwriters, to know more details click here. Proposals are due by August 13, 2023 to the following email address:

American Center Cairo’s Notice of Funding Opportunities and announcements summaries

  1. Announcement Summary for Global Entrepreneurship Week(GEW) 
  2. NOFO-Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 (GEW)
  3. Announcement Summary for ACC’s Upper Egypt Program
  4. NOFO-ACC’s Upper Egypt Outreach Programs 2023-2024

Grants Documents

  1. ACH -Vendors EFT-English- FMC-750-FR-03 (002)
  2. PD Small Grants Budget Narrative
  3. SF424_4_0-V4.0
  4. SF424_Individual
  5. SF424A-V1.0
  6. SF424B-V1.1