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RELO Cairo on Facebook

Want to know what’s happening with English teachers in our region or hear about collaborative opportunities and new resources?  Be sure you like or visit the RELO Cairo Facebook page.

American English Website

Need a new activity for your classroom?  From books and lesson plans to music and interactive videos, explore our collection of nearly 1,000 resources for teachers and learners of English. Go to the American English website.

English Teaching Forum (ETF) Magazine

If you want to learn what other teachers of English around the world are doing in their classrooms, you can find out in English Teaching Forum Magazine, our quarterly professional teaching journal for teachers of English.  Contact us to receive a copy of ETF or read online.

trace effects
trace effects

Trace Effects Video Game

Do you have students who are more interested in gaming than classwork?  Trace Effects is a collaborative English language video game experience, especially popular with students ages 12-16. Learn English and explore American culture through puzzles, games, and adventures in an interactive world. Play or download it here, or contact us for the (public domain) software.

Small Grants 

Need a little support for your English language teaching idea?  If your project seeks to accomplish something that meets RELO goals too, we might be able to support you.  Send us a short proposal and budget.  If we are interested, we will contact you.

American Center Cairo Programs & Calendar

Do you want to practice your English in a conversation group, attend programs about the United States, watch American movies, and get involved with other English learning activities?  Check out the programs at our American Center Cairo (ACC) and become a member for free.