Egypt’s Second Annual Maker Faire Kicks off Saturday

Cairo – On Saturday March 26, The GREEK Campus in downtown Cairo will be the site of the second annual Maker Faire, a festival that brings together thousands of enthusiasts of the international movement of “Makers,” individuals or groups who use new technology to make useful items from unused or discarded material.

Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and hosted by FabLab Egypt, the Faire invites talented “Makers” from Egypt and the region who display their creations and discuss how they combine creativity with emerging technologies.  Described as “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth – a showcase of invention and resourcefulness,” the Faire will also feature talks by international leaders of the Maker movement.

Some of the technology on display will be a wearable device to help blind people navigate around streets and buildings, and a portable, solar-powered energy source for powering mobile devices.  Dale Dougherty, who helped launch the first Maker Faire, held in 2006 near San Francisco, California, will be among the expert speakers.

This is the second year that FabLab and the U.S. Embassy have partnered to bring the Maker Faire to Cairo.  Last year’s Faire drew more than 5000 people to see nearly 100 inventions.  This year, FabLab has reached beyond Egypt to invite Makers from across the Middle East, making this the largest Maker Faire event in the region.

The Maker Faire will be held from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the GrEEK Campus in downtown Cairo.  Tickets can be purchased online or at the event itself.  For full information on the event, including a description of the projects and a schedule of speakers, visit or visit FabLab’s Facebook page at