U.S. Embassy Cairo Supports Hakawy Festival for Children with Three American Performances

March 1, 2020 

Cairo – The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is sponsoring the participation of three American performance groups at the 10th edition of the Hakawy International Arts Festival.  This year’s festival will have a U.S. focus and will feature performances by all three American groups, from March 2-8, 2020.

U.S. performances include Lucas Miller’s The Singing Zoologist, the string trio Infinitus, and David Gonzalez’s Aesop Bops and Maddog and Me.  The Singing Zoologists highlights Miller’s use of multimedia and songwriting to educate young children on topics related to science and the environment.  Infinitus is a critically acclaimed beatboxing string trio that fuses jazz and hip-hop with classical undertones.  Gonzalez’s Aesop Bops is an interactive storytelling performance of Aseop’s classic stories, while Maddog and Me is a powerful message piece about the dangers of bullying and the power of kindness.  Festival performances will be held at venues in Cairo, Alexandria, and Minya.

For more information and ticketing for Hakawy International Arts Festival U.S. performances see the following links.

The Singing Zoologist:


Aesop Bops & Maddog and Me:


Cultural and artistic exchanges are just one way that the United States partners with the people and Government of Egypt.  Learn more at the Embassy’s website, https://eg.usembassy.gov/ and follow the U.S. Embassy’s contribution to Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @USEmbassyCairo.