Message to U.S. Citizens – Passport Fee to Increase on December 27, 2021

Message to U.S. Citizens – Passport Fee to Increase on December 27, 2021

Effective December 27, 2021, the passport security surcharge fee will increase by $20.  For minor passport applicants who use Form DS-11, the new fee is $135.  For adults renewing their passports using Form DS-82, the new fee is $130. For adults who must apply in person using Form DS-11, the new fee is $165.

Renewal by Mail
Most passport renewals for adults do not require an in-person appearance.You may renew by mail using Form DS-82 if your passport is undamaged and was:

  • Issued within the last 15 years;
  • Issued with a 10-year validity; and
  • Issued in your current name or you have changed your name since your passport was issued and can submit legal documentation to prove this change.

Passport renewals by mail are also available for name changes which occurred in the past year, for error corrections and for replacing an emergency passport with a full validity passport using the DS-5504 form.

For eligibility requirements and instructions on how to renew your passport by mail, please refer to

Schedule an Appointment for an In-Person Appointment
If you do not meet the criteria for renewal by mail, please schedule an in-person passport appointment via our online appointment system.  

Emergency Appointments:
Please continue to check our online appointment system for available appointments as additional appointments may become available. If you require an emergency appointment, please email and explain the nature of your emergency and your intended date of travel.  You may be requested to provide supporting documents or information.

Applying for a Passport:
For a list of different passport services, requirements, and associated forms, please go to