New Project to Strengthen Technical and Vocational Education

Cairo – The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is helping upgrade technical and vocational education and training under a three-year project in partnership with the Government of Egypt and the private sector to promote job opportunities and sustainable economic development.

Egyptian officials and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched the new joint program, called Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement, at a ceremony in Maadi.  “This project will strengthen the economy by preparing students for today’s job market.  It is a concerted effort across government ministries, the private sector, civil society, educational institutions, development partners, and local communities,” said Dr. William Patterson, head of the Economic Growth team at USAID.

During the three years of the $22.1 million project, USAID will collaborate with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, the Industrial Training Council, the private sector, and Egypt’s National Competiveness Council to enhance technical and vocational education and training, improve ties between employers and training centers, and create local partnerships for economic development.  The project will improve worker skills, employability, and productivity in selected sectors and governorates, and will provide for the environmental “green” training of students.