Our Relationship

Rooted in shared interests and values, America’s strategic ties with Egypt span nearly two centuries. Today, Egypt is an important partner in the fight against terrorism, creating lasting peace, ensuring regional stability, and fostering prosperity.

  • The United States first established a diplomatic presence in Egypt on March 17, 1849 and formally recognized Egypt’s independence on April 26, 1922 in a letter from President Warren G. Harding to King Ahmed Fuad.
  • Over the last four decades, USAID has provided over $30 billion in development assistance in the water, agricultural, tourism, education, health, and private business sectors.  You can learn more here.    .
  • The United States and Egypt have unique programs to encourage trade and investment between our countries. You can learn more about our support for business on our “Business”
  • Close military cooperation is supported  by annual financial assistance, joint exercises, training, ship visits, and more.
  • Thousands of Egyptians study and visit the United States through academic scholarships and exchanges.  You can learn more about educational and cultural activities here.
  • The U.S. Embassy issued nearly 50,000 non-immigrant visas last year for Egyptians to visit the United State for tourism, business and study.  More than 208,000 U.S. citizens visited Egypt last year. An estimated 250,000 first or second generation Egyptians live in the United States, while nearly 60,000 U.S. citizens reside permanently in Egypt.  For more information about applying for a visa to the United States, click here.  For information about U.S. Citizen Services, please click here.

The Embassy team look forward to hearing from you as we continue to build this historic and important partnership on behalf of the American people.