Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires Thomas Goldberger at a Grant Signing Ceremony with the ERC

(As Prepared)

“Today Minister Nasr, Egyptian Red Cross Secretary-General Dr. Moamena Kamel, and USAID Mission Director Sherry F. Carlin, and I are signing a grant from the US Agency for International Development to the Egyptian Red Crescent for 2.2 million Egyptian pounds.

This grant will allow the Red Crescent to provide psychological and social support to children who lost loved ones–fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends–in the devastating terrorist attack on the al-Rawda mosque on November 24.

The grant will also help the Red Crescent provide livelihood support–by which we mean job training and equipment–to families deprived of incomes due to the loss of their loved ones in the attack.

Such attacks leave lasting scars on individuals and communities. We can’t begin to know or understand the loss and personal devastation faced by the survivors of such inhumanity.

However, we can and do offer our support for the work being done by the Government of Egypt and the Egyptian Red Crescent to help innocent survivors begin to recover from such attacks.

In this way we are backing up our words of condolences with actions to demonstrate our support. This is from the American people to the Egyptian people, a sign of friendship and sympathy, and part of our unbending commitment to defeating terrorism together.

The United States is absolutely committed, alongside Egypt, to wiping out terrorism wherever it raises its evil head. Our support and cooperation is not only on the battlefield, but in helping the victims of terrorism rebuild their lives as best they can under the most difficult circumstances.”