The United States and Egypt Extend Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement

August 31, 2021

Cairo– Ambassador Jonathan R. Cohen and Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research Affairs Dr. Yasser Refaat Abdelfattah extended the U.S.- Egypt Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation for five years at a signing ceremony on August 31, 2021.  This agreement was originally signed in 1995.

Ambassador Cohen said: “This agreement in the vital area of science and technology is yet another testimony to the depth and breadth of the U.S.-Egypt relationship, which ranges from security and military partnership to economic development, commerce, cultural heritage preservation and education.  The United States boasts the top governmental and private science and technology research institutions in the world and we are delighted to continue to partner with Egypt to expand S&T initiatives and our collective knowledge and capacity.”

Deputy Minister Dr. Abdelfattah noted: “Today, we are witnessing not only a typical agreement renewal ceremony but rather a life demonstration of how dedication and synergies between teams with seas and oceans apart can beat so many challenges and realize the sought goals.  Our ceremony today indeed represents another milestone in our road of strategic partnership between Egypt and U.S. in Science, Technology and Innovation, paving the way for more achievement and reinforcing partnership between Egypt and USA.  We would like to see the continuation of our joint efforts for building a long-term and strategic partnership between researchers and research organizations in Egypt and the United States”

The United States and Egypt enjoy a strategic partnership that includes focus on shared prosperity through security, science and technology, and trade.  The U.S.- Egypt Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation supports stronger ties between top U.S. and Egyptian researchers, public and private research institutions, and industry. This bilateral agreement will facilitate staff exchanges and bolster collaboration on research and innovation, including environmental protection, health security, and agriculture, as well as enhance intellectual property protection in both countries. It is also designed to help create well-paying jobs in cutting-edge industries.

With this agreement, the United States and Egypt will continue to develop innovations, solutions, and greater capacity to confront our common challenges and contribute to a more prosperous and secure world.

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