The United States Provides 1.5 Million Additional Doses of Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine to Egypt

April 6, 2022  

U.S. Coronavirus Vaccine Deliveries to Egypt Reach 25 Million Doses

Cairo  On April 6, the United States delivered 1.5 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to Egypt as part of its global campaign to defeat COVID-19.  The delivery is the latest milestone in U.S.-Egypt joint efforts to fight the virus, as U.S. deliveries of the vaccine to Egypt now total 25 million doses.

Highlighting the timeliness of the deliveries during the holy month of Ramadan, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Nicole Shampaine stated, “This shipment illustrates U.S.-Egypt joint efforts to defeat the pandemic and comes at an especially important time—as millions of Egyptians celebrate Ramadan with their friends and family. We are pleased that U.S. vaccines have enabled one in five adults in Egypt to celebrate this month without fear of putting their loved ones at risk, and we encourage all eligible Egyptians to get vaccinated.”

The U.S. Government, through USAID, has provided more than $55 million (1 billion EGP)—reaching 18 million people—in support of Egypt’s coronavirus response.  USAID programs train healthcare workers; improve tracking, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the virus; and deliver much-needed vaccines to the Egyptian people.  This support builds on the more than $1 billion (18.2 billion EGP) the United States has invested in Egypt over the past 40 years to improve healthcare for all Egyptians.