Child and Family Matters

From routine citizenship and documentation questions to all manner of emergencies, U.S. Embassy Cairo is pleased to provide information and assistance for U.S. citizens in Egypt.

To get started, please use the U.S. Citizen Services Navigator. The navigator will ask a series of simple questions to direct you to online information on the most common topics OR provide instructions on how to contact us by email for less common questions and direct assistance.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo can help with the following child and family matters:

Births & Eligibility for a Consular Report of Birth

A child born outside the United States to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may be eligible for U.S. citizenship if the parent(s) meets the requirements for transmitting U.S. citizenship under the Immigration and Nationality Act. U.S. citizens eligible to transmit citizenship are required to file for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

For CRBA and first-time passport applicants, the name of the applicant should match their birth documents.  Any material changes to the applicant’s name must be supported by an amended document or other legal name change evidence.

Please consult our Births section for details.

Two-Parent Consent

Parental consent is required for U.S. passport applications for children under the age of sixteen. Further details can be found on our Renew a Child’s Passport under the age of 16 page.


For U.S. and Egyptian adoption procedures please refer to our Adoption page.

International Parental Child Abduction

Egypt is not a Hague Convention Partner with regard to child abductions.  For more information on this topic, please visit the Department of State’s International Parental Child Abduction Page.