Disposition of Remains Report

Funeral Directors used by U.S. citizens in Egypt:

Funeral Directors and Morticians are licensed to practice in Egypt by the General Department of Properties, Mortician’s and Funeral Director’s Council available at each governorate. Some insurance companies may require that repatriation of remains be arranged by a specific Egyptian Funeral Director or Mortician. If you plan on using insurance to pay the cost of repatriation, the embassy recommends consulting the insurance company directly before contacting the funeral service provider. Following are the names of funeral homes used by post:

Angels Home Funeral Services

35 Mourad Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Selim Freiha (General Manager)
Office: (202)2691-0884
Cell Phone: (002)122-274-3387 / (002)100-324-5959 / (002)122-248-8794
Email: selimfreiha@hotmail.com

El Gabroni Funeral Director

60-62 El Nasereyah Street, Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Egypt
Hosni Elgabroni (owner/contact)
Office: (202) 2390-0240
Cell Phone: (202) 0122-313-7985/ 0122-891-1545/ 0100-245-2402
Funeral Director: Safeya Hosni (contact)
Cell Phone: (202) 0100-087-3137
Email: hosni.elgabroni@yahoo.com

Emile Joseph Tawaf Funeral Services

31 Daher Street, Cairo, Egypt
Jesett Tawaf (Director)
Office: (202)2590-6753
Cell Phone: (002)012-232-60936
Fax: (202)2632-8237
Email: jtawaf@hotmail.com

Reda El-Areif Funeral Services

Address: 7A Mohamed Helmy Ibrahim – Kasr Elnile – Cairo
Tel: +20227738424 .
Mobile: 01223470702 – 01006654194 – 01156161111 .
Email: info@redaelareef-funeral.com
Web site: www.redaelareef-Funeral.com

Preparation and Shipment Services available in Egypt:

Maximum Period before Interment

When a body is embalmed, Egyptian law specifies no particular time period before burial.

When a body is not embalmed, local law requires its burial within 24 hours. The requirement may be waived for exceptional reasons (such as waiting for instructions from abroad), or if an autopsy is required.


Adequate facilities exist for embalming. Local law specifies that embalming should begin within 24 hours after death has occurred at the latest.

There are several local mortuary establishments in Cairo, but few of them are interested in accepting responsibility for preparing and returning to the United States remains of deceased Americans. The Embassy deals with the qualified morticians in Cairo listed above.

While basic treatment of remains is usually handled in the government morgues or hospitals, the funeral homes secure authorization for embalming as required by local authorities. They work closely with the Embassy to prepare and/or secure documentation required for exportation of remains.


Local law does not prohibit cremation but there are no official facilities available in Egypt for that purpose. There is one unofficial facility in Alexandria that has been used in the past but only after obtaining extensive permissions from both the Interior and Health Departments in Egypt. Cremation remains problematic in Egypt, and American citizens are encouraged to pursue alternate available means of disposition of the remains of their loved ones, such as repatriation or burial.

Caskets and Containers

When the remains of a deceased person are to be transported out of the country, they are placed in a zinc-lined coffin which is sealed by soldering. The coffin has a hardwood exterior. Before shipping by air, the coffin is placed in a wooden shipping case. All required containers are readily available locally through the undertakers. The caskets and the containers are sealed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health official for customs clearance.

Exportation of Remains

Local requirements for the exportation of human remains are:

  1. Embalming of the remains.
  2. Enclosure of the remains as described above.
  3. Copy of official death certificate from Egyptian health authorities.
  4. Embalming certificate (Form A or B) from health authorities.
  5. Burial permit from the local health authorities.
  6. American Consular Mortuary Certificate for shipment of remains to the United States.
  7. Affidavit of Funeral Director for witnessing the packing of the remains to the United States, notarized by an American Consul.
  8. Expedition Permit of Human Remains

As per 85 State 90352, the local undertaker may be paid with a U.S. Dollar check. Charges are based on the exchange rate $1.00 = LE17.94 as of today August 28, 2018.

If death occurs in a private hospital, there is a charge which varies from $27.00 to $100.00 per day for the use of morgue facilities. If death occurs out of Cairo, additional charges must be added to estimates for mileage and overland transportation costs between Cairo and the major cities of Egypt. The Final preparations for shipment are usually made in Cairo.

Exhumation and Shipment

Non-Egyptians are rarely interred in Egypt; their remains are generally transported out of the country. If local burial has been elected, exhumation cannot be accomplished until one year and one day has elapsed after burial. The cost of exhumation and preparation for shipment includes L.E. 500 for digging the plot.