Traveling with Pets

Cats and Dogs

**Please review our latest Message for U.S. Citizens: CDC suspends U.S. entry of dogs from Egypt for important information about traveling with dogs.**

1. Ten to fourteen days prior to departure, obtain two documents from your veterinarian: – a certificate of good health for your pet; and – a rabies record.

2. One day prior to departure, take the pet, the certificate, the rabies record and your passport to the General Authority for Veterinary, Quarantine Department (Al Idaraa Al Markzia Lilhagr Al Betary Wal Fehoos), located at 1 Nady Al Seid Street, Dokki, tel: 3748-1763, working hours 9.00 a.m.–2.00 p.m. except Thursday & Friday.

3. The Quarantine Department (Idarat al-Hagr al-Betary) will issue you a letter of good health and an International Health Certificate for your pet.  Request that the certificate be provided to you in English.  This certificate is valid for 30 days and it allows you to take your pet out of Egypt.  Also, this can be done within four to five hours prior to your departure at the Veterinary Quarantine Administration besides terminal one-departure hall (24 hour service). We recommend that you obtain the certificate ahead of time.

4. Egypt will not issue certificates to dogs and cats under three months of age.

5. If you will be outside of Egypt for more than one year with your pet and plan to reenter Egypt with your pet from another country, you will need to obtain an International Health Certificate from that country in order to reenter Egypt with your pet.

6. Different airlines may have slightly different regulations regarding your pet’s travel. You need to check with your airline regarding taking your pet in the cabin or as cargo, and have the proper container acceptable to the airline for your pet’s transport.


Egyptian requirements for the export of birds vary substantially depending upon the species and place of origin of the bird.  Confirm your ability to remove your bird from the country well in advance by contacting Egyptian authorities at the offices noted above.

U.S. import regulations on birds differ greatly from those for cats and dogs.  Bird owners who take their pets with them while traveling abroad are generally exempted from some of the USDA quarantine and foreign certification requirements for imported birds. This exception applies only to U.S.-origin birds and is permitted as long as the owner makes special arrangements in advance. U.S.-origin birds may reenter the United States through any international airport that can be serviced by a USDA veterinary official. For more information, contact USDA­APHIS Veterinary Services at 4700 River Road, Unit 39, Riverdale, MD 20737­1231. The telephone number is (301) 734­5097.

Other Pets

Egyptian, U.S., and airline regulations regarding traveling with other animals will vary.  Contact Egyptian authorities at the numbers above; research U.S. regulations via the websites below; and contact your airline directly.

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