Schedule an Appointment

Each family member seeking a service related to Passport Services, Reports of Birth Abroad or Notarial Services should make an individual on-line appointment.

Each appointment is for one specific service only. If you need more than one type of service, you must make separate appointments for each service.

In case of notarial services you may schedule multiple notaries for only one appointment time.

If there are no available appointments online and you require an emergency appointment, please contact American Citizen Services through the U.S. Citizen Services Navigator.

Before scheduling your appointment please visit the service you require for complete information on the procedure to follow, and to access forms to fill out.

In the case you cannot make an appointment at the time you want or you want to change your appointment: If all the slots for the time you want are already taken, you will need to choose another time or another day. We do not overbook appointments to avoid having you or others wait a lot longer for service.

If you would like a different appointment than the one you scheduled, please feel free to check our website.  If you see a slot at your convenience, please book it and then be sure to cancel your earlier appointment so as to avoid any confusion.

To make an appointment please go to schedule an online appointment

  • Now that I have my appointment, what do I do?

While scheduling your appointment online, please print the confirmation page. You will only be allowed to enter the Embassy upon showing this confirmation page at the gate.

Any U.S. citizen needing assistance should come with his/her passport or some other form of identification as proof of U.S. citizenship.

Please show up to your appointment on time. Applicants who are more than 15 minutes late to their appointments will be asked to make another appointment. Applicants who are more than 30 minutes early for their appointments will have to wait until their scheduled time to be seen. No exceptions are made.

We encourage you to review the U.S. Embassy Cairo’s Security Information (PDF 288 KB) webpage before your visit to the ACS Unit because you will not be allowed to enter the Embassy with any prohibited item.

All applicants are expected to arrive for their appointments with their application completely filled out and with all the necessary documentation.

Please be aware that you may be at the Embassy for a lengthy period of time. Come prepared especially if you have young children