U.S. Embassy Cairo Supports American Arts in Forever is Now Exhibition at Giza Pyramids   

Ambassador Cohen visits the art installation, “Together,” by Italian-American artist Lorenzo Quinn

Cairo – The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is pleased to be the platinum sponsor of Art d’Egypte’s Forever is Now contemporary art exhibition at the Giza Pyramids, and to support the participation and original art works of contemporary American artists Gisela Colon and Sherin Guirguis.

The U.S. Embassy’s LE 3.5 million investment funded the travel of American curatorial director of the exhibition Simon Watson; the travel of Colon and Guirguis; and the transport and installation of their arts works.  Colon’s luminous piece, “Eternity Now,” depicts a golden sun setting on Egypt’s iconic Sphinx, and Guirguis’s “Here Have I Returned,” works in harmony with the Queens Pyramids, inspired by musical instruments of ancient Egypt.

At the opening of Forever is Now U.S. Ambassador Jonathan R. Cohen noted, “This cultural exchange advances our U.S.-Egyptian strategic partnership by building enduring connections between American and Egyptian artists, promoting tourism to one of Egypt’s most important cultural heritage sites, and shining a spotlight on the vibrant arts community in Egypt and the United States.”

American participation in Forever is Now also includes an original piece by Italian-American artist Lorenzo Quinn, as well as presentations by Edgar Arceneaux and other visiting American art experts.  Additionally, Harvard Egyptologist, Dr. Peter Manuelian, provided subject matter expertise for Forever is Now.

The U.S. Embassy is committed to its broader work with the Government of Egypt and Egyptian arts and cultural organizations to support cultural connections between the United States and Egypt, cultural heritage conservation, and advancement of the U.S. and Egyptian creative economies.  The United States has invested more than $100 million to date to conserve Egypt’s cultural heritage, including preservation of the Sphinx on the Giza plateau, a fitting backdrop for the historic Forever is Now exhibit.

Ambassador Cohen meets with famed American singer and songwriter Pharrell Williams and Ms. Suzy Shoukry at the historic Tahrir Palace
Ambassador Cohen visits the art installation, “Together,” by Italian-American artist Lorenzo Quinn
American curator of Forever is Now, Simon Watson, gives his curatorial talk at Tahrir Cultural Center
Ambassador with American artist Sherin Guirguis at her installation, “Here Have I Returned”