U.S. Naval Forces Central Command Commander Makes First Visit to Egypt

March 13, 2019

CAIRO – Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), visited Egypt March 12. This was Vice Admiral Malloy’s first visit to Egypt after taking command of NAVCENT. He met with senior Egyptian naval leaders in Alexandria to explore ways to enhance the strategic security relationship between Egypt and the United States, a historic partnership that plays a leading role in counterterrorism and regional security.

“Egypt’s navy plays a vital role in regional maritime security,” Vice Admiral Malloy said.  “I am excited to visit Egypt to express how proud we are of the strong partnership between the United States Navy and the Egyptian Navy. Our regular joint exercises, such as last year’s Eagle Salute and Eagle Response, promote our shared vision of a more stable and prosperous region with increasingly effective governance, improved security, and trans-regional cooperation. I look forward to seeing NAVCENT participate in expanded joint exercises to secure American and Egyptian interests.”

As a partner with Egypt, the United States is committed to supporting the Egyptian government and people through political, economic, social and security cooperation.