U.S. Special Advisor for Children’s Issues in Cairo

CAIRO – The United States Department of State’s Special Advisor for Children’s Issues, Ambassador Susan S. Jacobs, met with Egyptian officials in Cairo to discuss issues such as the status of children wrongfully removed from their homes and taken across an international border by a parent or guardian.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Jacobs met with Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, Ambassador Hisham El-Nakib, and at the Ministry of Justice she met with Counselor Adel Fahmy, Director of the inter-ministerial Good Intentions Sub-Committee.

In both meetings, Ambassador Jacobs expressed appreciation for U.S.-Egyptian cooperation in resolving international cases of children wrongfully removed from their homes by a parent and facilitating access to the children by the left-behind parent.

Ambassador Jacobs and her Egyptian government interlocutors pledged to deepen bilateral cooperation on this issue and noted that their actions would always be guided by the best interests of the children involved.