More U.S. Support in Search for EgyptAir MS804

Cairo – Today, the U.S. Navy continued search operations for EgyptAir MS804 in coordination with the Egyptian Joint Rescue Coordination Center.

Since May 19, the U.S. Navy has conducted search operations for MS804 with flight missions by the U.S. Navy’s P-3 Orion aircraft, which specialize in maritime surveillance.  The P-3 Orion missions have flown from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Italy to search the Mediterranean Sea area in which flight MS804 disappeared.

Today, the U.S. Navy continued to support the search operation with two flight missions by P-3 Orion aircraft.  For additional updates on the U.S. Navy’s support for this search operation, follow @USNavyEurope or @USEmbassyCairo on Twitter, or visit the website below: