U.S. Trade Mission Seeks to Expand Agribusiness Cooperation

April 2, 2017

Cairo – A trade mission led by the Foreign Agricultural Service Deputy Administrator Mark Slupek arrived in Cairo on April 2. Over 40 U.S. business representatives plan to meet with senior Egyptian government and private sector officials to discuss ways to expand agricultural trade between the United States and Egypt.

Coordinated by the Embassy’s Office of Agricultural Affairs, the visit will include briefings, one-on-one meetings, and site visits.

“The potential for market expansion in Egypt is great,” said Deputy Administrator Slupek.  “This is the first time we’ve led a trade mission to North Africa, we’re hoping that we’re going to create some great business opportunities for the people who join us on this mission.”

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) has an international network of 93 offices covering 171 countries. FAS helps identify opportunities for U.S. exporters and builds relations with a broad range of government officials and private sector stakeholders in other countries to promote agricultural sector trade and cooperation.