United States Delivers Four F-16 Fighter Jets to Egyptian Armed Forces

Cairo – On October 29, Ambassador Stephen Beecroft and Senior Defense Official Major General Charles Hooper joined Air Marshal Younes al-Masri and other senior Egyptian military officials in a ceremony at the Cairo West Air Force Base to receive four F-16 “Fighting Falcon” fighter jets delivered by the United States to the Egyptian Air Force. Welcoming the four U.S. Air Force pilots who made the 14 hour flight from the United States to Egypt, Ambassador Beecroft called the delivery “another step forward in U.S.-Egyptian cooperation on fighting terror, bringing stability to the region, and strengthening our historic relationship.”

The F-16 Block 52 aircraft are premier fighter aircraft capable of performing reconnaissance missions, air-to-ground attacks, and air-to-air engagement. In addition to the fighter aircraft, the United States will provide follow-on maintenance and training for Egyptian Air Force pilots and ground crews. The aircraft, which were delivered under the “Peace Vector” program, which has provided F-16 fighter jets to Egypt for the last 30 years, will be integrated immediately into the Egyptian Air Force fleet.

Major General Hooper described the advanced F-16 fighter jet as a “vital multi-role aircraft that will provide the Egyptian people greater security and a powerful asset in the fight against terrorism.” Attending the arrival ceremony, Major General Hooper added, “I would like to congratulate the Egyptian military and people on their newest military assets and to celebrate the successful strategic cooperation between our governments. I take great pride in the enduring relationship with the Egyptian Armed Forces.”

The United States is deeply committed to its longstanding partnership with Egypt, including our joint efforts in the fight against terrorism.