Section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

Dear Applicant:

This is to inform you that you have been found ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa under Section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.  A denial under Section 214(b) means that you were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which you applied.

While nonimmigrant visa classifications each have their own unique requirements, one requirement shared by many of the nonimmigrant visa categories is for the applicant to demonstrate that they have a residence in a foreign country which they have no intention of abandoning.  Applicants usually meet this requirement by demonstrating that they have strong ties overseas that indicate they will return to a foreign country after a temporary visit to the United States.  Such ties include professional, work, school, family or social links to a foreign country.  You have not demonstrated that you have the ties that will compel you to return to your home country after your travel to the United States.

Today’s decision cannot be appealed.  However, you may reapply at any time.  If you decide to reapply, you must submit a new application form and photo, pay the visa application fee again and, make a new appointment to be interviewed by a consular officer.  If you choose to reapply, you should be prepared to provide information that was not presented in your original application, or to demonstrate that your circumstances have changed since that application.



Consular Officer
Nonimmigrant Visa Section